Monday, 11 February 2008

Title Race & The Trap

Man Utd 1-2 Man City

Well, there was a shock result. United have stuttered twice now in the league (first scraping a last gasp draw against Spurs) and Arsenal could move 5 points clear with a win at Blackburn tonight. Suddenly United don't look so comfortable. Old man Scholes has received some blame but Ronaldo's poor performances, being missing Rooney and Tevez's inconsistency show some critical weaknesses in United's team since they stumbled over the league winners line last season. A temporary blip no doubt but in an increasing difficult league where every slip-up is magnified, Arsenal could have a crucial lead by 10 tonight.

Chelsea 0-0 Liverpool

A game that proved how poor the Premier League can be at times, but credit must be given to the 'Pool for tightening up the defence and getting a tough away point after their recent poor performances. The FA Cup next weekend will provide a welcome league break for Rafa and his merry men and Rafa will hope that Burnley can be hammered at home to give some confidence back to his team. Hell, maybe Kuyt might even score, in between bouts of tears for his father.
Chelsea wasted a chance to move closer to United, but play both United and Arsenal at home in the coming months.

Ireland set to Hire Trapattoni
Giovanni Trapattoni, the legendary Italian manager has amazingly agreed to become Ireland manager. To those idiots who said "but who will we get to replace Staunton?" when the buffoon was sacked, I now say "A man who has won 10 league titles in 4 countries, and 3 European Cups".

The only blot on his record is his stint as manager of Italy but you could quite easily claim they were robbed by South Korea in the Second Round (indeed, if the fat headed Christian Vieri could score from 6 yards they would have won). Luck didn't go their way in that World Cup, as this will show.
True, they were terrible at Euro 2004 but you can't be great all the time.

Ireland need his brand of cautious football, to tighten things at the back and try to win 1-0 again. I don't give a damn if it is defensive, boring football. As anyone who has watched Ireland these past 20 or 30 years will attest, it has never been thrilling.

So good luck Trap, and don't let the bastards grind you down

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Mal said...

I know Scholes is just coming back from injury but maybe the pace of the league is going to overtake him now he's 33. Maybe he's past starting and will be a supersub. I could be wrong and he might get back to his best.