Wednesday, 6 February 2008

People who may well deserve to have their home vandalised

What with all the internationals this week we're a bit starved for news so I thought I'd bring up this story... pure tragedy alright. I like the way Metro point out that the real Beckhams are in the inset, not the main picture, so as to avoid confusion. Thanks. For. That. Full story here.

I'm off to the Brazil game tonight and have stuck a tenner on Ireland at 7-2. Brazil are set to field a side with very few caps between them so you never know. Well, yes I do know my €10 is gone, but just won't admit it yet.

Later, JJ


Anonymous said...

In fairness though,Your woman is the image of Victoria!!

JJ said...

Tis uncanny, last year's strip though - what kind of fans are they? Half-assed effort altogether.

craptown dave said...

we would have beaten brazil last night if we had someone to give a rabble rousing speech at half-time. ala stan. nuff said.