Friday, 22 February 2008

Apropos Of Nothing

I came across a great little invention called StumbleUpon, a widget you add into Firefox that sends you to random websites according to your interests.

And I encountered the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, a wholly brilliant idea, and although this is a football blog, it is too good not to share with others.

For a while I've wanted to deify Cristiano Ronaldo, but wasn't sure of the right approach to take. Thankfully, this genius of an idea has plenty of pointers to create the Gospel of Ronaldo.
1st Commandment - Thou shall be a winker
2nd Commandment - Thou shall dive
3rd Commandment - Thou shall not turn up in big games
And so on.

Now, I'm off to bone up on "Holy Pasta and Authentic Sauce: The Flying Spaghetti Monster's Messy Implications for Theorizing Religion"



Anonymous said...

Sorry.just wanted to post and say that I think Arsene Wenger has some fuckin cheek in calling for Martin Taylor to be banned from football.Who the fuck does he think he is?? He has a short fuckin memeory...just seven days ago Justin Hoyte proceeded to kick Nani up and down the Old Trafford pitch when he could'nt get the ball off him,then when the ball ran loose that streaky Flamini cunt tried to amputate the lads leg from the knee down!! Is'nt it amazing how he saw the tackle on saturday? Fuckin dick!! Bad tackles are part of the game,but according to this prick it's only his team that suffer from them.No one likes to see players getting injured and i feel sorry for the lad.
Just a quick point point about the reaction of William Gallas after the penalty was awarded and then at the final whistle.... he made a complete fuckin eejit of himself,you would'nt see a young fella playing under-11's reacting like that,he should be ashamed of himself. Amazingly the al knowing Wenger felt his captains reaction was justifiable!! When you think of the players that have captained Arsenal and compare this french tit to them,he looks like a big girl!! Fuck back to Chelsea with the rest of the cry babies you fuckin French,ugly,speech impedimented,cynical,immature excuse for a footballer.Rant over.! "......keep the red flag flying high......" .LUHG.

Mark said...

have to agree,i hate arsenal on so many levels. up to last weekend they had seemed to be turning normal again, but the snide vindictiveness of last week, and Wenger's over the top comments today really grated.

nobody could imagine taylor doing that on purpose, wenger should apologise