Thursday, 12 April 2007

Bayern vs Milan

Hiya Lads,
Mark here.

I sat through the tedium of last nights match between Bayern and AC Milan. Bayern were very average (although that is a tautology!), the old master, Filipo 'Offside' Inzaghi finishing well from a Seedorf flick on to prove there is life left in this Milan team. Seedorf himself, a suprisingly young 31, did well to open the scoring, shooting low past Krazy Kahn. Bayern resorted to long balls in the second half to try to force something, and viewers were left with the distinct inpression of a team with no ideas or creativity. It is clear they need an injection of new players. As for Milan, you could say the same thing, however United should be wary of the class midfield of Milan - Kaka is probably the best creative midfielder in the world, Seedorf has great experience behind him, even if his best days are over, Gattuso is a living legend, a tough all- action man, and Pirlo sets things up in the 'Carrick' role (as it shall henceforth be known. By me.)
At the back, Nesta was great last night, as he has been for a number of years.

I don't think Milan will beat United, but even if they do, Liverpool or Chelsea will surely beat them in the final, the 38 year old Maldini and the lack of quality strikers will prove to be Milan's downfall.

Liverpool played out their perfunctionary win over PSV last night, which tells us nothing about how they will do in the competition. However, the elimation of Barca will provide them with great belief but they must learn to hold possesion of the ball (c.f. Momo Sissoko). The Pool look fresh now, and have no other league or cup commitments, whereas Chelsea will be stretched with their thinner squad and fixture pileups, and further hampered by the aparent hoodoo Benitez has over Chelsea in cups...

So, the Champions League is shaping up beautifully now, I can't wait

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JJ said...

I thought Milan looked decent, though as RTE pointed out they have a nervousness about them when they go in at half time a few goals up.

Hmmm... I wonder where that came from;o)

I think it will be interesting to see how United cope with the 2nd leg being away but then I’m getting way ahead of myself. This year’s competition has had too many surprises to predict anything – we did get three of the four semi finalists wrong mark, but then so did most going into this week’s games.

Mal said...

I managed to successfully predict the four semi finalists but didn't place a bet it.

Can't see Milan beating Utd over two legs. I think that they're fairly toothless, bar Kaka.

Mark V said...

I hang my head in shame, I unfortunately, did have bets on, and lost them!