Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Squeaky Bum Time

Howdy folks,
Mark here.

Well, what a weekend of football!
Charlton out of the bottom 3 for the first time in months, Sheffield United are in real trouble and Wigan and Fulham are looking over their shoulders with real concern. Remarkably, West Ham have won 3 in a row and now have a real chance of survival

At the other end of the table, Arsenal are now in a struggle for fourth place with Bolton, and perhaps Everton. A very poor end to the season for Arsene and big pressure for next season already.
Man Utd had a disastrous loss to Portmouth, and if they are to win the title, they'll have to do it the hard way. Van Der Sar is turning into David James, and Ferdinand badly needs a real defender along side him i.e. Vidic to cover for his mistakes. United's match at Chelsea, which had the look of a dead rubber about it, will almost certainly be the most important match of the league season. United's next two league games are at home to Sheffield United and Middlesbrough, while Chelsea have 2 tricky away fixtures to the Hammers and Newcastle. There'll be a twist or turn yet.

To the Champions league tonight, there is no much more to say than we've covered already on the blog and the podcast, but I'm going to revise one of my predictions... Roma:

Man Utd Roma - Roma to go through
Valencia Chelsea - I'd like to do a Lawrenson and hedge my bets here, but I'll plump for Valencia
Bayern Milan - Bayern
Liverpool PSV - This match is over



Mal said...

Well done on the blog. I enjoy the podcasts.
Hope Roma can batter Utd tonight but unfortunately, I fully expect Utd to go through.

Mal said...

Check out my Liverpool blog.

Obsidianrock said...
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Obsidianrock said...

This may be a stupid question but, as a Canadian, I've never heard the expression "Squeak Bum Time". I've heard it a few times lately, what does it mean?

Love the Podcast,


Mal said...

It was a Ferguson quote about the end of season run-in when it looks like it's going to be a tight finish.

Mark V said...

yea, I thought it was a great quote by Fergie, and much better than JJ's misquote of sticky bum time, which sounds much more graphic...
Cheers for the feedback lads, and Mal, I checked out the blog, will leave a comment later

Mal said...

Sticky bum is a bit graphic. But given Fergies well documented problems with diarrhoea in the past then maybe it's more appropiate.

JJ said...

Sticky bum time will be in the footballing lexicon in no time I tell ye. Good blog Mal, thanks for the link, we'll have to return the favour. I like the look of Arbeloa as well, way better than that money-grabbing Aussie chump at West Ham.

Mal said...

Thanks for that. I could do with posting more regularly on my blog as I only do one after each match at the moment.

Can't wait for 7.45. Have a dentists apt beforehand. Hope it's nothing major so I can get out in time for kick off.

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