Friday, 27 April 2007

The weekend: Some late predictions to laugh at next week

Alright folks,

Quick blog on the weekend’s fixtures; hope you’re enjoying last night’s podcast as much as we enjoyed drinking during it.


Blackburn v Charlton
I fancy Charlton to score early against ’10-Man Blackburn’, a team who might be getting a bit tired. At a guess, 1-2

Chelsea v Bolton
Grinding one nil win for the home team. Where have we seen that before??

Everton v Man Utd
Everton are chasing the UEFA Cup and, while Johnson is almost certainly out, they could still grab a point. A lot depends on the horrendous signing that was James Beattie so…. Actually yeah easy Man U win. 0-2.

Man City v Aston Villa
I couldn’t give a flying pig shit about either side at this stage of the season. Both have promised much and delivered little at various points this year. 1-3 for the laugh, first thing that came into my head.

Middlesbro' v Tottenham
Meh. Again two sides I think have been a waste of space in the Prem this year for the most part. I think Woodgate has shown a serious lack of ambition in signing for his hometown team. Could still be entertaining with defenders thinking of their holidays and Viduka enjoying his football again. 2-2.

Portsmouth v Liverpool
Pool may well send out a b-team but it’ll be a fresh b-team and Portsmouth look knackered. Still though, Pompey to get a win, but only just. 1-0 or 2-1.

Sheff Utd v Watford
Huge game; if the home team don’t score in the first half hour both themselves and their fans may get nervous. Watford have little to play for and bizarrely this might help. Gonna go for a Watford win 0-1.

Wigan v West Ham
Hmmm…. I’ll say West Ham after the boost of no points deduction and because of the fact that Wigan’s defence is even worse than the hammers. 1-2

Arsenal v Fulham
Sanchez thinks his experience in beating ‘big’ sides with Norn Iron will help here. I doubt it as comparing Arsenal’s passing game to the English national team’s lumbering route one football just don’t add up. Fulham are a bad side. Arsenal are a good side. Arsenal win 2-0.

Reading v Newcastle
Could be a good game and it will be interesting to see how Martins and Owen team up. If they can play together then Newcastle next season could be a real force, especially if they sign some defenders. Hard to call this one, but Reading’s defeat of Bolton will leave them confident… eh…. 3-2.


JJ said...

Hey folks, those were my predictions by the way. No need to mock Mark then if they all, as expected, turn out to be a pile of James Beattie.

Mark V said...

only 4 wrong boss, not bad!