Wednesday, 11 April 2007

The summer: jumpers for podcasts

JJ here,

Okay, I may be a bit early in getting this in but it's late in the day and I have been writing an article on Ireland's environmental protection agency for the last three and a bit hours so it is with a melted mind that I ask ye this...

The summer, oh what to do with the summer?

Sunny days, cans of beer, kickabout in the garden, breathing heavily after four minutes of that kickabout - all of that is easy. But what I was wondering is – are there any topics in the great wide world of football that you think we should cover on the site or in the podcast in the coming months.

African football?
The Yanks?
The Canucks?
Titus Bramble is a professional footballer?

All of the above oddities warrant a look over at some stage. But we wanna stock pile some ideas so that we still have a full show during the close season and not just concentrate on poor Liverpool transfer rumours and Michael Carrick’s inevitably drawn out £35 million transfer to Barcelona.

And yes, we will have Ashley Cole in the Hate Section soon enough so no need to mention that. John Terry, Rio Ferdinand, Gerard Houllier and many more as well.

Well folks, ideas?


Colm said...

Whether Roy Keane can guide Sunderland to European football in the next five years or not. The ladies with their handbags on In Fact, Ah can't settle this conundrum of conundrums.

Donal said...

If you're really stuck you could cover some of the (shit) football leagues that run during the summer months. I'm not suggesting anything as tawdry as league of Ireland, there's also the MLS which has just started up over here.

The attempts of Ronnie O'Brien, Beckham, et. al. trying to squeeze a last few dollars out of their moribund careers could provide some light amusement. OK, a lot of dollars in Beckham's case...

I saw Toronto FC's opening game on TV last Saturday - I was too hungover to do anything more exertive. They're a new "franchise", coached by none other than Mo Johnston. AFAIK, the term "franchise" (rather than "team") is used to indicate that they'll fuck off to another city if people stop showing up to watch them.

JJ said...

Hmmm.... Keano being there in five years would be quite an achivement to be honest. Any sort of decent season next year - which will be difficult considering his team is full of good championship players - and I think he'll end up in a bigger job, if not at that stage then the season after. Unless Ferguson gets his blood changed, snorts his dad and lives forever.

Toronto FC eh... doesn't sound like any kind of hangover cure to me donal. Brave man.

I think we will be profiling a lot of leagues alright. Myself and Mark and prepared to take one for the team and go see at least one or two eircom games. You see the sacrifices we make for okeydoke!!!