Monday, 23 April 2007

Deja Vu all over again

Howdy folks,
Mark here.

Well, as Yogi bear said, it's like deja vu all over again. I wrote last week about injuries so I won't be boring you with more lists, but the absense of Ferdinand could be a boon for United, what with his 'libero' impression on Saturday - winning the ball at the halfway line, advancing deftly forward, spotting the easy pass to the wing - hang on, try to beat the defender, oops, lose possession, wander around looking dazed for a while and then trundle back to defend whilst Boro contrive to feck up a great opportunity for a counter attack.

United were uninspiring on Saturday, with only 3 half chances in the second half (2 from Rooney, 1 from Carrick) to try snatch an undeserved winner. Boro should have a penalty when the always poor O'Shea got none of the ball in the box. Jose may moan ( ) but the referee was a long way back, and he immediately looked to his assistant for help, who said 'No'. However, United probably would have won that penalty had the roles been reversed.

Chelsea passed on a golden opportunity to close to 1 point, playing poorly (and Newcastle playing well) to allow United off the hook.

At the other end of the table:
15 Fulham 35 -19 36
16 Wigan 35 -19 35
17 Sheff Utd 35 -20 35
18 Charlton 35 -21 33
19 West Ham 35 -30 32

Watford were relegated (thank God, I can't stand Aidy's positivity), West Ham have dragged themselves back in somehow, Charlton and Sheff Utd played a cagey draw (great goal from Stead though), Wigan lost and Fulham got their first point under Sanchez. Fulham play Arsenal next, Liverpool and Boro so I predict they will be looking at a last day match to try to escape. Wigan are certainly bad enough to go down, Sheffield Utd have hit a bit of form at the right time, Charlton and the Hammers have had decent runs.

I'd like to see Fulham and Wigan go down as they have swiftly become pointless (poor attendance, bad players, etc.) in the overall League sense, but I won't lose sleep over it.

I'll be back tomorrow with a preview of United vs Milan, see you then



Mal said...

Can't believe Chelsea didn't beat the Toon. What a fuck up. I have no love for Chelsea but I would be very happy for them to snatch the league out from under Utd's noses. Don't see it happening now though.

Mark V said...

Mal - United have a tough run-in with the next 3 games away, though West Ham should be relegated by the time United play them on the last day of the season. I think United will win it, they are capable of going to Chelsea and at least getting a draw. Chelsea have a tough away match at Arsenal coming up as well, so I wouldn't rule out them dropping a few points over the next 4 games.

I think it will be a case of who plays the least badly in the coming weeks...

el said...

ah its still up to united to throw it away...