Monday, 16 April 2007

Prem, blades and horrible sunshine

Alright folks,
JJ here,

Okay, well to start things off I must admit that this weekend’s Premiership fixture list did little to excite. With this in mind I think I did the sensible thing and when 3 o’clock on Saturday rolled around I decided not to lumber myself with Man City v Pool on RTE (why oh why didn’t they show SU v West Ham, a game that actually meant something), or Arse v Bolton on Setanta.

Instead I chose life – or Blades of Glory as it’s also known. Excellent movie, check it out (avoid Sunshine though, pure shite; awful, awful, awful movie which should lead to Danny Boyle being banned from directing – ‘hey the movie’s not working on any level, we’re three quarters of the way through, hmmm… let’s throw in a zombie!’. Arggghhh… the anger at paying to see it, the anger….).

But anyway, before I lose the run of myself and start a film blog, back to 'fuhbal' as Fergie would say. Great result for Sheffield United against the Hammers with two quality goals from Tongue and Stead to boot (see: West Ham will have to be written off once and for all should they fail to beat Chelsea on Wednesday.

Fulham’s failure to win their first game under Lawrie Sanchez was at least an improvement on their previous performances. Losing 1-0 away to Reading is a fate that is nothing to be ashamed off when you consider that last week they lost at home to Man City in such a feeble manner. Four games left and one win and a draw might even see them home as the teams around them continue to drop points.

Charlton lost to Everton in a game that was lit up by James McFadden’s goal (; a spark of gold in a pile of shite as Paul Calf used to say. While this was the end of the Londoners’ seven-game unbeaten streak they still have the look of a team that will grind out a few more points before the season is done and dusted.

Plus Darren Bent is scoring goals regularly; and a striker of his calibre isn’t on the books at Fulham, Sheffield United or Wigan (feck off with your England caps Emile). Could this be the difference? Do Charlton rely too heavily on him? Do I really care? Some of these questions will be answered in the weeks to come…

The rest in a nutshell – Wigan v Spurs was excellent; great goals, good drama, Killer Kilbane missing an open goal; it had it all but Wigan will be kicking themselves after taking the lead three times. Arsenal – in particular William Gallas – know about kicking themselves as well, but they finally forgot to bottle it and beat Bolton in, from what I understand, was a pretty dire affair.

Boro losing to Villa came as no surprise since their players check into Rancho Relaxo as soon as safety is secure every year. Villa are up to tenth; a fairly good indication as to how poor, in some respects, the ‘greatest league in the world tm’ is. Pompey beating Newcastle was to be expected but get well soon Duffer, you poor fella.

I will write on the FA Cup later as I have a bit of an axe to grind on the topic. For now though, things are looking as tight as Will Ferrell's spandex at the bottom. Bottom of the table I mean, ahem. Anyhoo, roll on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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