Monday, 30 April 2007

Mourinho concedes title

Jose Mourinho effectively conceded the title last Saturday when he rested Drogba, Lampard, Ashley and Joe Cole, in anticipation of tomorrow's Champions league match at Anfield.
It was a strange decision, at once outlining Mourinho's uncharacteristic (almost) surrender of the league and also emphasising his overwhelming need to win the Champions League. Chelsea stuttered to a 2-2 draw, the previously ineffective Kalou vital in the game , covering up for Sheva was never going to score.
Drogba, J Cole and Lampard all appeared, in an attempt to win the game but Bolton suffered no real pressure after equalising.

Over in Liverpool, Man Utd were using up vast reserves of luck to produce a rip roaring comeback after being 2 behind to Everton. It is likely their luck will run out in the Champions League, whether on Wednesday or May 23rd, but United fans will be happy at re-establishing their status at the top of the table. Of course it is not over yet, but the bookies odds don't lie - 50/1 on.
At the other end, Wigan were surely furious as West Ham not only avoided a points deduction but also beat them 0-3 at home, with villian in chief Tevez providing the quality. The much maligned (by me) Tevez is becoming better by the week and seemed a class above everyone on the pitch.
Charlton will surely be relegated now, along with Watford who already are, leaving a shootout between Fulham, Wigan and the Hammers to go down. Sheffield Utd may be dragged back in, but I doubt it.

Fulham play Liverpool and Middlesbrough
Wigan play Middlesbrough and Sheff Utd
West Ham play Bolton and Man Utd

Fulham will fancy a CL distracted Pool and Boro with nothing to play for
Wigan, ditto for Boro, may be wary of Sheff U who could need a result on the last day
West Ham could take advantage of Big Sam leaving Bolton and could face the already crowned champions at Old Trafford - if United play a reserve team and are in party mode, their task will be easier. Also, the Hammers won the previous fixture, and have experience of denying United the title (1995), even if United need points.
I think Wigan and Fulham are terrible and I hope one them goes down. As for West Ham - they do have a chance....


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