Wednesday, 11 April 2007

United Open a Can of Whoop-Ass on Roma

Howdy Folks,
Mark here.
A great night of football from Man Utd, scintilating play from almost everybody (I'm looking at you, Rooney). C. Ronaldo was excellent in a big European match for the first time, well, ever. Smith showed a fantastic attitude up front and now gives Fergie a good choice while Saha is (again) injured. Carrick was excellent, not only did he score 2 class goals, but his distribution and movement were first class, and (not just last night) he looks a much improved player in the few months since his debut.
I never thought I'd say this, but I'm a bit worried that John O'Pies and Rio Fuckface Ferdinand went off injured, although Evra returned last night. Perhaps we can get Chelsea's 50 year old fitness coach to play centre back, as Mourniho was reportedly close to doing already this season.

Still a tough semi-final ahead against Bayern or Milan, I'll cover that closer to the match.

Last night also saw the Chelsea boys win their tie, Essien ( scoring the decisive goal -like last week, Canizares let his team down in a vital game, despite making a wonderful save a few minutes before.
Chelsea vs Liverpool to look forward to in the semi's... hopefully there will be as many incidents as there was the last time they met in the semi finals - "Gudjohnsen, how did you miss that!" etc.

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JJ said...

Anybody else think that Inter Milan were the big losers last night? They lost to a Valencia side over two legs that were bitch slapped all over by Chelsea, while their nearest rivals in Serie A lose to a United team missing at least 5 of their top players. The Italian league really is in a shambles. Can't see AC Milan picking up the slack but stranger things have happened... certainly in the last 24 hours.

Mark V said...

Well Inter and Roma are known chokers - especially Totti (Big Ron's off-air gaffe - "he looks like a little twat, that Totti...are there any sandwiches?" ) so I have no sympathy for them but AC have been there, done that, but I still don't see them winning it. I think Italian football will get stronger once we see the collective bargaining deal coming in next season, should raise the standard a bit.
Also, don't forget Spain, everybody is trying not to win La Liga and they're all out of the CL...

Mal said...

I didn't think that the Roma defence was that good beforehand but they folded like a house of cards last night. Watched the second half of Chelsea instead which was at least a contest. It pains me to say that they deserved the victory. I think that Liverpool would have beaten Valencia but I'm less sure about Chelsea as they always seem to be able to do just enough in ever match recently.