Monday, 2 April 2007

Some right, some wrong, some baby bentleys

In summary, I got most of this right results wise (feck all on the money though) and I am sick of over-estimating Newcastle. It's like some weird tick from 1995 that I can't shake off. They have a horrible defence - whether Carr is there or not - and little support for Martins. I don't think Roeder has much time left to be honest but, in a pefect world, he should be given one more season at least.

Roeder's made big promises about getting a new mentality into the club and has signed a quality striker in Martins. If he fails next year that's fine but for now Freddy, just keep calm and it might all work out at last. God knows the Pool and Arse are ripe to be kicked out of the top four next season.


Liverpool V Arsenal, Prediction: 1-1, Actual Score: 4-1. Right dropped the ball on this one, but delightedly so. Rafa's mid season signings of the Monster Masch and Arbeloa looked excellent and Pennant was well on form. Consistency for next season though? Miles off.

Bolton V Sheff Utd, Prediction: 2-0, Actual Score: 1-0. Should have been 4-0 to Bolton, World's Number 1 Dad Paddy Kenny kept them in it for ages.

West Ham V Boro, Prediction: 2-1, Actual Score: 2-0. How did I think Boro would score??? How???

Newcastle V Man City, Prediction: 2-0, Actual Score: 0-1. See above for rant.

Charlton V Wigan, Prediction: 3-1, Actual Score: 1-0. Dunno about the penalty as apparently it wasn't Fitz Hall that had offended. So who did? Wigan are getting worse by the week though.

Fulham V Portsmouth, Prediction: 1-3, Actual Score: 1-1. Lucky, lucky Fulham; the backroom battles over cash at Portsmouth are no doubt affecting the players. Kanu is an ungrateful bastard. An over the hill one at that. If he wins his battle for extra cash you can imagine that Primus, Davis and Taylor amongst others will be banging down the chairman's door for more dosh. If Kanu stays I think Pompey will have a West Ham style slump next season. Watch out for the Baby Bentley's Harry!! They're coming your way.

Man. United V Blackburn, Prediction: 3-0, Actual Score: 4-1. Blackburn were so bad in the second half it was pitiful. Man U saw the easy pickings and destroyed them. Poor Friedel playing behind that lot.

Watford V Chelsea, Prediction: 0-4, Actual Score: 01-. Closer than expected but I had to laugh at the last minute win. Inevitable.

Tottenham V Reading, Prediction: 2-0, Actual Score: 1-0. Didn't see it, though that may have been a blessing.


Mark V said...

interesting point about the baby Bentley's at Pompey, but I think Harry has been around too long to let that sort of thing happen...

Also, can we start a campaign to never have to hear the phrase 'baby Bentley's' ever again?

JJ said...

Until we can afford one each from the cash coming in on the google ads, we shall be a baby bentley free zone boss.