Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Pool V PSV

As it is my duty to watch this game I'll take up the slack and preview it. As many will know, it was an absolute miracle that PSV beat Arsenal. A wonderful and quite funny miracle, but one nonetheless. The generally accepted theory is that PSV - shorn of Alex and lumbered with Paddy Kluivert - haven't a hope once again against English opposition. A 5-1 hammering at home to Ajax hardly gave them much more confidence.

But.... under Benitez Liverpool have constantly struggled against smaller sides in the Premiership and lost well to an underdog Benfica side, managed by PSV's current boss Koeman, last year. He organises his team well in Europe and will wait for Liverpool to come at them. I wouldn't be at all surprised if PSV managed to sneak a home win or a 1-1 scoreline that would keep them in it for next week's second leg. Should the home win happen, Pool will be in serious trouble.

But then again, all I'm saying is that I wouldn't be surprised if PSV gave Liverpool some trouble. Essentially, if Liverpool don’t turn up for 180 minutes (and they didn’t turn up in the league at all this year until last Saturday) PSV have a chance.

Overall, Liverpool just have to keep calm heads and see this one out. They're a better side with better players. They have far more options up front and in midfield and should cruise past PSV should they play anything like they did in the first half against Arsenal on Saturday. It won't be easy watching that's for sure but hopefully when Pool play Valencia in the semis, business will pick up somewhat.

Tonight's score - 1-2 (how optimistic am I)

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