Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Van Der Hardy Har Har

Alright folks… well it’s happened at last. The season just got interesting with Man U’s loss at the weekend, as well as all the movement at the bottom of the table….

What I had planned for this blog entry is a run through of who I hope stays up and laughing at the Rio and Edwin comedy double act. While the latter is still very much part of the equation, the former is a bit more difficult. I have just deleted about 200 words where I was extolling the virtues of the football West Ham, Fulham and Charlton play in comparison Wigan and Sheffield United.

But, as Ricky Bobby would say, with all due respect, are any of these teams worthy of sympathy if they do down?

West Ham have money-grabbers like Lucas Neill and Matthew Upson on their books. Charlton have been disgraceful in their dealings with Iain Dowie and Les Reed. Wigan play ugly football, with long punts to Heskey and Folan often the focal point. Sheffield United don’t play champagne football either. And Fulham? Well their fans under-appreciation of their manager is a bit rich – do they expect to stay in the Premiership when their budget goes down year after year?

So I’m dropping allegiances and just going to enjoy the last month or so of the season. Whoever goes down deserves to; whoever stays up we’ll deal with.

And Edwin and Rio… well there are now words for how funny this was… http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1nicm_pompey-man-utd-20-ferdinand

I agree with all of Mark’s euro predictions as well. Scholes has cost United big time. Great night of football ahead. Reaction tomorrow.


Mark V said...

"as Ricky Bobby would say, with all due respect"
It is, after all, in the Geneva Convention...
I hope Charlton stay up, cos I want to see Pards pump his fist in Arsene's (or any other managers) face again whilst doing a girly jump up and down

Mal said...

What of the Gudjohnsen to Utd story? Don't think he's what they need.

Mark V said...

He probably will go to Utd, I've heard this rumour a few times this season. Fergie would fancy him for squad depth, to come off the bench.
I was never a great fan of his but I think he'd do well enough for United, as they would have a proven Prem player for not much money. He went to Spain for about 8m, be suprised if Barca got more than 5 for him now

JJ said...

I'd say Gudjohnsen might hang around at barca until late in the summer. With the manager almost certain to leave as well as one of eto'o or Ronnie on their way out he could be in for a bigger role, particularly in mourinho ends up there. Take your point on pards mark. Anyone causing agro with arsene is alright by me.