Friday, 13 April 2007

Is Jol under pressure?

Howdy Folks,
Mark here.

I'm just wondering, after yet another season of under-achievement at Spurs - is Martin Jol under pressure now? Will he be sacked? If not, should he be sacked?

I've been a fan of Jol since he came, but Spurs have had a so-so season. It's no disgrace to lose to Sevilla last night, or to Chelsea in the Cup for that matter, but Spurs fans have a good reason to expect more from the team. They are currently in seventh in the League which is definitely not good enough. Consider the money Spurs have spent, then compare that to Bolton and Everton ahead of them. Alternatively, consider the quality of players in the 3 squads... Players like Berbatov, Defoe, Keane, Lennon, King & Dawson wouldn't look out of place in any Champions League team. When you consider that an integral part of Everton's team is Lee Carsley, likewise at Bolton, the old timers Speed and Campo, you can see the point I'm making.

In short, I hope Jol turns it around next season, Spurs play good football, have quality players and it would be interesting to see them in the Champions League, especially instead of Bolton or Everton, God forbid!


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schuly said...

Spurs had a pretty good run in Europe, their first for a long time. They do have quality players, but most of these lack European experience, so this season's foray will have huge benefits for their future. If they win their games in hand they'll be back in the Uefa cup positions again, and I guess the fact that they do play attractive football also protects Jol - at least the games are entertaining. Compare their condition to Newcastle, who have also spent large amounts, but have gone backwards. I think Jol has done pretty well considering the Santini/Arnesan debacle that overshadowed his start at the club, I reckon his job's safe.